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1.     What are the operating hours of the General Office?


               Monday to Thursday 7.15am - 5.15pm

               Friday 7.15am - 4.45pm

               We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.


2.     When will the school back gate be open?


        The school back gate is currently available for Staff only.



3.     Are student care services available in WVPS?


        Yes. Please refer to https://westviewpri.moe.edu.sg/wvps/big-heart-student-care-at-west-view for   

        more information.

4.     When can parents/guardians enter the school to buy things from the bookshop? 

        Please refer to https://westviewpri.moe.edu.sg/contact-us for bookshop operating 

        hours. Parents/guardians are to obtain a security pass from the Security Counter before 

        entering the school compound.


5.      Who is the vendor for our school's bus service?

        Please refer to https://westviewpri.moe.edu.sg/contact-us for more information.

6.     What are the operating hours of the dental clinic?

        Please refer to 
https://westviewpri.moe.edu.sg/contact-us for more information.