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Every West Viewan is a talented pupil with talents waiting to be discovered and developed  

Provide every child with the opportunity to ACE the Arts - Appreciate the Arts, Create to express themselves and Explore to discover and develop their talents


Music Curriculum

At West View Primary, we believe that a holistic education is one that nurtures a child not only in the academics, but also in the Arts. In the music classroom, students engage in a variety of activities comprising singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, listening, analysing and composing. Through these enriching musical experiences, pupils are nurtured in their cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. They also learn to be Appreciators, Creators and Explorers (ACE) of the world around them.


Pupils at West View Primary are exposed to a variety of cultures and music. Through learning the various songs, dances and games from around the world, pupils learn to appreciate beauty in diversity. They also learn to have a global mind set and understand the importance of respecting one another.




During music lessons, West Viewans are encouraged to be creative through various musical activities like composing and improvising. Pupils are given opportunities to work in groups to write their own songs and create their own musical arrangements. In the process, they learn how to express themselves confidently and collaborate with their peers.


The recorder, ukulele, cajon, keyboard and cornet are some of the many instruments pupils are exposed to during their time in West View. Exploring these different instruments allows each child to discover his/her personal interest and talent. Pupils are encouraged to continue pursuing their musical learning outside the classroom as the school continually provides various platforms for pupils showcase their talents.


Key Programmes

Ukulele Programme

The ukulele programme provides pupils with a practical musical skill as they learn how to perform songs that they hear on the radio. This makes learning meaningful and relevant to the child, giving him/her the motivation to take charge of his/her own learning. During the programme, pupils learn how to read chord charts and strum their favourite tunes.

Recorder Programme
The recorder is a key instrument in the music curriculum as it is accessible for every pupil. In Primary 3, pupils embark on their journey of learning the recorder, being equipped to play solo melodies or coordinate with one another and play as an ensemble. This experience is later extended and built upon as pupils move on to play advanced music pieces. 


Buzz with Cornet
The Buzz with Cornet programme exposes pupils to playing a brass instrument. Pupils first learn how to buzz via the mouth piece, then progress to learn how to play a few notes on the cornet. At the end of the programme, pupils will be able to play at least one song on the cornet. Pupils who demonstrate talent and interest during the programme are then invited to maximise their potential by joining the West View Brass Band.