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Indian Dance

Brief of CCA

1. Appreciate and understand the culture and costumes of Indian dances.
2. Learn a few dances from different parts of India.  
3. Provide pupils with the opportunity to build friendships and to develop their social emotional competencies.


          (Indian dance costume)


Ms Haryanny Awang (Advisor) 
Mrs Solomon George (Overall-in-charge)
Ms S Deviga (Second-in-charge)
Ms Sheena
Ms  Michelle Khoo
Mdm Nurhijjah Binte Yahya



Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment

Events / Past CCA Activities

21 July 2018 Cashew Art Festival at Senja-Cashew CC
30 June 2018  2018 SYF Dance Extravaganza at Bukit Panjang Plaza 
17 November 2017 Star Awards Performance 2017
20 February 2016  CNY Performance at Senja-Cashew CC 
8 August 2015  National Day Performance at Petir Park 

        Our multi-racial dance team had their very first public performance in June this year at Bukit Panjang Plaza. Even though they are a young group of dancers, they had put in a lot of effort during rehearsals and had danced well during the Dance Extravaganza!


Performance at Bukit Panjang Plaza 2018

        They learnt the importance of working together as a team and have showed continued resilience in balancing school work and CCA.  As it was the first public performance, our dancers learnt much about the various different genres of dance performed by other schools’ performances. Our young dancers are raring to take part in more performances!


Pupils at dance practice


Performance in Senja-Cashew CC 2018


2017 Star Awards

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Jimmy Jennifer Indian Dance.jpg
2018 Indian dance model pupils