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Brief of CCA

Basketball CCA is an excellent platform for pupils develop values and character, e.g. resilience, determination etc, through training sessions and healthy competitions. Team work is very much emphasised and cultivated in activities during training sessions. This enhances their socio-emotional competencies. The pupils are also trained to be leaders in their own right, taking responsibility in leading themselves and others.  Basketball CCA is also structured is such a way as to enable pupils to have fun while they are also actively developing values and moulding character.


Mr Stanley Koh (Advisor)
Mr Tan Kee Jin (School Coach)
Mr Neo Zhi Cong (School Coach)
Ms Tang Yoke Teng (Overall-in-charge)
Mr Lua Choon Cheng David (Second-in-charge)
Mrs Patty Tan-Chua
Mrs Ho-Tan Soon Hui
Ms Louise Pan



National Inter-school basketball Championship West Zone -Top 6

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2018 basketball model pupils