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Primary One Registration

P1 Registration for Phase 1 (Sibling Registration)

Dear Parent / Guardian,

The Phase 1 registration is for a child who has a sibling currently studying in the school.  The child to be registered must be a Singapore Citizen (SC) / Permanent Resident (PR) and born between 2 Jan 2014 and 1 Jan 2015 (both dates inclusive).


Should you have a child eligible for this Phase 1 registration, please fill up the application form and email the completed form with supporting documents to school @ wvps@schools.gov.sg by 20 May 2020.  If you have twins or triplets due for Phase 1 registration, you are required to email us a separate form for each child. The required supporting documents for submission are listed in the school cover letter.


The following are the school cover letter and application form.

(a)    WVPS Cover Letter

WVPS Cover Letter-2020 P1 Phase 1 Registration Exercise-200425.pdf 

(b)    WVPS-2020 Phase 1 Application Form

WVPS-2020P1 Phase 1 Application Form (Fillable)20200415 ver1.011.pdf 

For more updates on Primary One Registration exercise, you may visit MOE website at go.gov.sg/P1reg.


Thank you.