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Hari Raya Celebration

Hari Raya celebration was celebrated on Monday, 2 July 2016. This year’s theme was “Kampung Raya”. 92 kindergarten pupils from My First School and PCF Senja sat for the assembly programme. The assembly started off with a sing along by the teachers and pupils. It continued on with “Tok Selampit” telling a story about how Hari Raya was celebrated in the past. The pupils had a chance to hit the “kentungan” and walked away with a ketupat filled with goodies. There was also stage games like trying of “samping” with the teacher’s guidance. To end the celebration, our Malay Dance junior members were given a chance to perform on stage for the very first time.

HR 1.jpg

Pupils enjoying themselves during the Hari Raya concert

HR 2.jpg

Teachers looking very sweet with baju kurung

HR 3.jpg
Pupils taking part in the stage games

The celebration continued on during recess. Pupils were given a change to hit the “kentungan”, tie the “samping” on their own and also shaped the tart pastry. It was indeed a memorable celebration for the teachers and pupils!

HR 4.jpg

Pupils shaping the tart pastry and hitting the “kentungan”

HR 5.jpg

Pupils trying on the “samping”