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Chinese New Year Celebrations

Our school celebrated Chinese New Year on Friday, 5th February 2016. The concert kick-off with a performance by the lion dance troupe. A tray of mandarin oranges arranged with “大吉大利”, which signified abundance good luck, was presented to our school leaders. Next, the primary three pupils performed two songs “ 新年好 ” and “ 招财进宝 ”. The cheerful and fun music heightened the festive mood. The primary five pupils put up a vibrant performance “Ushering the Year of Monkey with Joy”. The audience was captivated by the display of Chinese fans and drums. Our Chinese Dance performing group and their dance “百家姓”- Hundred Family Names had got our audience mesmerized with their splendid dance moves. After the performance, the dancer engaged the audience by inviting their peers, teachers and school leaders onto the stage to learn simple dance steps.

The grand finale was a sing-a-long session of Chinese New Year songs led by Ms Lee, Mdm Leong and their team. The school was on their feet dancing to the upbeat music. The celebrations ended with a spectacular display of the West View Cheer led by our principal Mr Foo. The celebration ended on a cheery note to welcome the Year of the Monkey.