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Engaged and Confident problem solvers

Students are inspired to embrace the problem-solving approach in their daily lives through the knowledge, application and learning of mathematics.


Passionate and Competent mathematics educators

Our teachers are dedicated to help students develop a strong foundation in mathematics and learn creative approaches to solving mathematical problems. We are committed in encouraging students to persevere when faced with challenges and build self-discipline towards the learning of mathematics and solving of mathematical problems.

Message from HOD Mathematics & EinSTein
Mr Stanley Koh Lin Kai
"I believe all children will find meaning in learning Maths if they have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt. As an educator, it is of utmost importance for me to provide opportunities for children to explore, create, investigate and solve real-life Maths problem. These opportunities will inherently open up possibilities to move beyond expectations about what children can do and learn."

Message from ST/ Mathematics
Mrs Esther Chan-Lim Siew Hiang
"All pupils can learn Mathematics and they need to believe it. To me, helping pupils to first develop a love for learning Mathematics is important. When a pupil begins to love learning Mathematics, he/she will be willing to put in more effort and time to raise his/her competency. In turn, he/she will see an improvement in his/her performance and will be motivated to put in more effort to learn more about the subject. It will be a virtual cycle."