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Science as Inquiry at West View

Essential features of Science as Inquiry in a Science lesson

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The approach in West View Primary School

In West View Primary School, teachers adopt the 5E instructional model based on the constructivist approach to learning. We believe that all West Viewans are able to build or create new ideas from their existing ideas.

Each of the 5E defines a phase of learning and they are: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. The 5E instructional model enables pupils to have shared experience on activities, to build on prior knowledge and personal experience, to construct meaning, and to assess their own understanding of a scientific concept continually.

Engage – Pupils use their prior knowledge to learn new science concepts or extend their own learning through engaging activities that promote curiosity.

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Explore – Through the hands-on activities, pupils will explore various scientific ideas or concepts where conceptual change is facilitated using their knowledge, skills and processes.

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Explain – A stage for pupils to explain their learning and teachers to support pupils in making connections to the various concepts for deeper understanding. Pupils use KEY (Key Information, Eliminate, have You checked?) strategy for multiple-choice questions and CER (Claim, Evidence and Reasoning) as one of the answering structures for answering open-ended questions.

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 – Pupils will apply their knowledge to the real-world context for a more practical and broader understanding of science.

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Evaluate – Pupils consolidate and assess their learning through the various strategies like concept mapping and other formative or summative assessment tools.

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