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  • Integrity to Uphold – it is a call to our pupils to be honest and uphold strong moral uprightness. They make a personal choice to uphold themselves to consistent moral and ethical standards, doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Their strong moral compass will guide them in making sound decisions in life.  

  • CARE - it expects our pupils to respect and value the people around them. They treat everyone with care and politeness and respect the dignity of every individual. They are selfless and always prepared to show concern and help others who are in need, regardless of language, race and religion. This value will undergird their care towards humanity.  

  • Commitment to Learning – it requires our pupils to understand the importance of learning and gaining knowledge for personal growth, having a strong enthusiasm and commitment to learning. They take pride in their work at all times. 

  • Aspiration to achieve – it inspires our pupils to have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and strive hard to reach their goals. They will uncover the desire and the courage to prioritise and pursue their goals. 

  • Responsibility, our growth – it reminds our pupils to embrace personal responsibility to become good in their endeavour. They acknowledge and accept the choices they have made, the actions they have taken, and the results they are led to.  

  • Excellence, our pursuit – it compels our pupils to always give their best and never settle for mediocrity. They are prepared to face challenges with confidence and bounce back with resilience as they strive for excellence.