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Brief of CCA
West View Primary School Brass Band was set up in 1998. Since then, the band has taken part in various performances and competitions both locally and overseas.

 Objectives of Band
1. Nurture talented pupils through Brass Band
2. Strengthen character development through inculcating values
3. Raise awareness and appreciation of symphonic music in children

Mrs Esther Chan-Lim (Advisor)
Mdm Leong Yahui (Overall-in-charge)
Ms Germaine Tay (Second-in-charge)
Ms Siti Nazra
Ms Hui Wing Yan
Mdm Li Hongyu



Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment


Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging (SYF) – Commendation


Hong Kong International Children’s Music Championship (ICMC) – Gold with Honours

Events / Past CCA Activities
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