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Sharing at Building a Culture of Positive Peer Influence for Cyber Wellness (CW) Workshop

We are very pleased to receive from MOE ETD a note of thanks and positive feedback on Mdm Yow Ai Hui and Mdm Noor Azleen’s sharing at a Cyber Wellness workshop on 7 February 2018. The participants have benefitted greatly from their sharing on West View Primary School’s efforts in implementing the CW Student Ambassador structure.  The participants found the sharing very relevant and useful in providing them with ideas  to implement a CW student ambassador structure. Their engaging and informative sharing has encouraged and inspired the participants to kick-start this effort.

Additionally, the participants were also touched by the sharing by Mohamad Danial Afiq and Muhammad Zhulraiyan from 6 Diligence. It was not easy for students  to share in front of a group of teachers and they did it with a lot courage and pride.  They did very well as they were able to share their experiences and reflections enthusiastically.
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