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Appreciation Award from Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST)


Congratulations to Mdm Haryati who received the Appreciation Award from AST on 13 Nov for her contribution to the teaching fraternity. She will receive Commendation award at the National Day Award Ceremony on 17 Nov for her exemplary contribution to the teaching service. 

Science Teachers' Sharing at Beacon Primary School Mini Learning Symposium

Mini Learning Symposium at Beacon Primary School.jpg

A team of Science teachers embarked on a facilitated learning based on generative dialogue within and across school teams (Community of Practice - COP). 

As part of professional development, the team designed an instructional package for a Science lesson on Heat & Temperature with relevant ICT affordances and aligned to SOW, for classroom implementation and share Teaching & Learning outcomes with other school teams at COP sessions. 

The team shared their learning experiences in a Mini Learning Symposium at Beacon Primary School on 28 September to share and celebrate the learning experiences.

Sharing at 2nd Annual Meeting for Primary CL HODs

Annual Meeting for Primary CL HODs.jpg
The 2015 Primary School Mother Tongue Languages curriculum has been phased in to Primary 1 level in all primary schools this year. Due to its successful implementation in our school, Mdm Michelle Lew and Ms Li Hongyu were invited by MOE CPDD to share the good practices in using the new instructional materials in CL lessons at the 2nd Annual Meeting for Primary Chinese Language (CL) HODs. Kudos to our CL teachers.

Congratulations to Mdm Chua Kiat Eng for her sharing at the ELIS

cert chua.jpg

She co-presented with Dr Seah Lay Hoon of NIE on the workshop, entitled: Lesson Planning for Science with a Language Focus. At the workshop, they introduced a planning tool that would help teachers design Science lessons that better address language demands of Science.

The planning tool breaks down the complex issue of ‘language demands’ pupils face in learning Science into workable segments, such as ‘labelling’, ‘decoding’ and ‘constructing’. Teachers can then design and incorporate language learning activities around these areas in their Science lessons.

4th Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Second LanguageConference (TLCSL)

4th Teaching and Learning.jpg

Two of our Chinese Language teachers, Mdm Li Hongyu and Mdm Shi Yuanna represented our school to present their conference paper at the 4th Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Second Language Conference (TLCSL). During the two-day conference, Mdm Li and Mdm Shi shared how they researched, designed and integrated drama “小学华文实践活动策划、设计与实施之研究” in the classroom teaching. 

The objectives of the conference were to showcase and share theories and approaches that invigorate Chinese lessons; and to share approaches and experiences in encouraging learners of Chinese as second language to use Chinese.

 Thank you Mdm Li and Mdm Shi, for the effort and hard work put in. We are proud of your achievements!

Mother Tongue Languages Symposium 2015

Symposium 1.jpg
Our Chinese Language Unit was invited by the Ministry of Education to showcase our school's continual efforts and success in strengthening students interest for Chinese Language and in promoting Chinese Language as a living language through creative teaching and engaging programmes. 

At West View Primary School, we have designed a school-based CL Speech and Drama Programme titled 'School-Based CL Speech and Drama Programme @WVPS 维新小学华文演艺校本课' that combines oral practices and performance skills to enhance students’ oral proficiency.

Symposium 2.jpg
Through this speech and drama programme, the students acquired new vocabulary, improved their oral proficiency and gained basic performing skills. Most importantly, students became more confident in speaking the language in their daily life. We would like to thank the School Leaders, fellow colleagues and pupils who were at the symposium on 29 August, Saturday to support us.

Congratulations to Mdm Haryati for Receiving the Commendation Medal in National Day Award 2015

Our Malay Lead Teacher Mdm Haryati was awarded the Commendation Medal (Pingat Kepujian) in National Day Award 2015 in recognition of her having distinguished herself through commendable performance and conduct, or significant efficiency, competence and devotion to duty.

Congratulations to Mdm Sarifah Hassan

Congratulations to Mdm Sarifah Hassan for the completion of the development of the Malay Language storybooks for Lower Primary pupils. She has been invited by the Secretariat of Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee (MLLPC) for a dialogue with Senior Parliamentary Secretary and Members of the MLLPC to highlight this achievement.