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Resources for Parents

Teaching and Learning Resources ( Mother Tongue )

Chinese Language

The above are two lists of Supplementary Chinese Language reader compiled by Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Chinese Unit. They include books recommended by established publishers and teachers, who have been actively promoting student-reading programmes in school, for parents’ reference.

  • Chinese Language Word Games 语文游戏乐翻天

    A portal that uses educational games to aid P1-P3 students in the revision of Chinese characters and words that they have learnt through an enriching and enjoyable learning experience.

  • Committee to promote Chinese Language Learning

    A website that contains information about the various events and programmes organized by the community to support children in the learning of Chinese Language outside schools.

  • Chinese Story-Telling Sessions

    This link provides details about the Chinese story-telling sessions held in the national libraries.

  • Oracy eLand 听说e乐园

    Oracy eLand is an online interactive learning portal that is designed to equip primary 1 to 3 students with commonly used vocabulary and sentence patterns that they can use in their daily conversations with others.

  • Xue Le 学乐

    A website that features multimedia content that complements the CL primary curriculum 2007 and interactive resources for secondary schools.

Malay Language
  • Tinta

    A website that features multimedia content that complements the ML primary curriculum 2008 and interactive resources for secondary schools.

  • Nadi

    An e-magazine for primary ML pupils with a wide range of multimedia content and online activities.

Tamil Language

Below links are the resources for Mother Tongue.