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Mathematics Outside Classrooms


A few of our teachers came together and Team MATHnificent was formed! Team MATHnificent’s aim is to allow students to learn Maths through games, to understand that learning Maths can be fun too. We believe in building students’ appreciation and interest in Mathematics by engaging them in fun activities and challenges. At the same time, it motivates and encourages students to apply Mathematical concepts & problem solving skills that have learnt. 

These games present opportunities for practice, develops their computational fluency and deepens their mathematical understanding and reasoning. The need to use better strategies than their peers to win the game also develops their strategic thinking. Students are given regular opportunities to play the games with appropriate levels of challenge, with different partners. These also encourages them to mingle and interact in unfamiliar settings and develops their social aspect of learning.  Booths are set up for students to participate in games and activities weekly during recess. 

Tangram Challenge

Pupils were invited to participate in the try-outs and win a lucky draw. 12 lucky pupils walked away exciting prizes and the rest get a shot in qualifying for the semi and quarter-finals. 

Mathnificent A.png

The heat is on! It was such an intense final round and everyone enjoyed themselves. The finalist competed in the finals with their very enthusiastic and supportive friends cheering them on!

Mathnificent B1.png

Mathnificent B2.png

We are proud to present you WVPS very own Tangram Champions 2016!

P1: Ang Hui Ting 1Energetic
P2: Ryan Lee 2 Brilliant
P3: Durga 3 Creative
P4: Deeksha 4 Fascinating
P5: Priscilla 5 Dynamic
P6: Jisu 6 Energetic

Kudos to our pupils for the great sportsmanship they have shown. Till next time, look forward to the upcoming games and activities Team Mathnificent has come up with for all you West Viewans!

Mathnificent C.jpg