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Learning Support 

Learning Support Mathematics (Primary 1 and 2)

A programme aims to provide assistance to P1 and P2 pupils who are weak in Mathematics. Pupils who are identified will be supported. They will be pulled out from their classes to attend lessons during curriculum time. The ratio of teacher to pupils will be 1:10 (max).  This small group teaching will enable pupils to be fully engaged in the learning of Mathematics.



Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy  (ICAN)

ICAN is a MOE-initiative to help pupils who are facing difficulties with learning Mathematics.  Our school started on the programme in 2015 with two small classes.   

Centred on the teaching and learning of concepts rather than procedure, pupils learn about the Math concepts behind the related algorithm. ICAN Teachers use strategies that provide more scaffolding to pupils during their lessons for these classes.

Teachers were given training to guide pupils through structured lessons with emphasis on: 

mastering basic Math facts, 

constantly reviewing and revisiting concepts learnt previously, 

providing scaffolds to assist pupils as they learnt new concepts

using manipulatives to help pupils link the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract

designing appropriate work to pupils to demonstrate mastery of the concepts and skills

consolidating the lesson to help pupils form link their learning with the real world situations


In 2016, another class of pupils was started in this programme.  The class size was kept small so that the teacher could provide greater support to individual pupils. 

P6 Maths Booster Programme & P6 Maths Intensive Programme

We recognise that constant practice is important in the learning of Mathematics and we provide the additional support to selected students by monitoring and giving closer guidance to them. 

Both programmes helps students to:

1) familiarise and strengthen their Mathematical concepts; 

2) build greater confidence to solve Mathematics questions; and

3) improve their speed and accuracy in problem solving

The P6 Maths Booster Programme is held during the June holidays to give students a head start on preparing for their exams while the P6 Maths Intensive Programme is held on selected days weekly during school term in Term 3 till PSLE.